Visibility … and oh yeah, Happy New Year

The countdown to the end of my term of office is in progress. In the meantime I’ve enjoyed being with family and holidaying, so much so that no critical posts occurred to me. However, I’m hardly out of the blogging business. Instead I’ll take a crack at augmenting my pontification by offering up a column for the Duluth Reader. They get more eyes than my blog and I’m all about eyes…….not the “ayes” of my school board voting days but eyes nonetheless. No previews until the Reader comes out on Thursday. I’ve got till 6:30 PM to write it and forward it to the publisher.

And I’m trying to get myself organized for some book writing too. It should be a great year. No SOD for me and Donald Trump and the Republicans have ensured that I’ll be enjoying a big tax break at the expense of “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Or as the our new resident of the Whoville White House, which he calls a “dump,” might say: “E Pluribus ef U.”

FAKE NEWS ALERT. Fake President says the Dump story was fake news.

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