72 days left before the Primary

I don’t know why its suddenly 72 days from the primary. The calendar hasn’t changed. Maybe in my haste I ran past one of them. At any rate I got more signs up yesterday after church but this morning My house was one of the recent casualty of sign tampering. So I put up this sign. If Trump can be a crybaby maybe this will be a winning tactic.


I am composing this short diary entry on my computer hard-drive instead of my blog because the “resource limits” keep being exceeded making it hard for me and my readers to get in. Them to catch up. Me to enter new blog entries. Its not a good time with days disappearing from me to miss sharing with my eight loyal readers.

About the time I would have started putting up more signs I had to wait for a tree service to give me an estimate on taking down two eastern cottonwoods….I call them poplars in our backyard. I could campaign happily on what that will take for a couple weeks. Whose started removing my signs so early in the campaign….probably just tipsy kids for their dorm room but I have called our incumbent Congressman a traitor for deciding it was OK for his cult leader to send a mob to undo losing an honest election. Maybe the supporter of a traitor takes exception to my honesty…..like they seem to be taking exception to jury opinions of Cult leaders who lose in court on 12 -0 decisions. $54 million as of a couple days ago. There are plenty of lawyers around salivating to feed from that trough.

I’ve met many interesting people going door to door. Wish there were ten or twenty of me to reach more people.

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