Sabo to Retire

I just heard an announcement on Minnesota Public Radio that said Martin Sabo, St. Paul’s Congressman is going to retire. Sabo has been in Congress for 28 years now. That’s a heckuva long time.

But Jim Oberstar has Sabo beat by four years. He’s been in Congress for 32 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Jim particularly likes distributing photos of himself sitting on a bicycle.

You can find the photo on one of Congressman Oberstar’s websites. I was asked to remove it by one of his staff members who pointed out that I had not asked permission to use it. This staffer helped a guest of mine a couple years ago from the Congo who was having difficulty with his papers to enter the U.S. I removed it for this staffer’s sake although I rather suspect that because the photo was for the Congressman, it was in the public domain.


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