About face

While I was digging around for one of the thousands of silly pages I’ve put on the web looking and failing to find it ( I was lookind for a picture of one of my Abe Lincoln t-shirts) I found this old page that gives you an idea of how closely I identify with the Great Emancipator.

Its an identification that began when I was in junior high and commented ruefully to my Mother that I was homely. Mom didn’t try to argue with me. Instead she said to look at Abe Lincoln. He was, she said, the homeliest man and yet he never let that stop him.

I was shocked. Lincoln had always been the noble profile on the penny or the grand marble statue in the Lincoln Memorial to me. Lincoln homely? Why yes, he was! When, during his Presidency, an angry women (I think it was a woman) wrote him a letter calling him “two-faced” he famously replied, “If I had a second face, do you think I’d wear this one?”

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