How big is a postage stamp

The Trib’s dimwitted editorial on Saturday tried to prove a postage stamp was big by….

…. blowing it up!

You really should see the full page picture of the tiny Ordean site on the hard copy of the Trib’s editorial page. Yeah, and I just proved that you have to have a tongue the size of an oven mitt to lick a postage stamp because I’ve inserted a blown up picture of the famous inverted jenny. The Editors at the Trib inserted their huge graphic to substitute for the reason they failed to provide in their efforts to cheerlead the building of Ordean High.

If you want to see what Dr. Dixon’s teeny, tiny Ordean site looks like compared to a real modern high school campus designed by none other than Supt. Dixon himself take a look at this. Yes Sir, Dr. Dixon is building us a real POS for the kids in eastern Duluth.

“Lookee Here Planning Commission,” the Editors are telling the Planning Commission. “There’s no good reason for vote to require an Environmental Impact Statement on the Ordean site. Pleeeeeeeease let Dr. Dixon gut the building pronto a year before it was schedulded to be built breaking all the promises he made to families to have an orderly process to move their children around during construction. Do it even though the Sixth District Court may find the JCI contract unlawful and even though a new school board is very likely to keep Central High School open making Ordean’s interior demolition not only unnecessary but a great and wasteful expenditure of millions of dollars.”

Recall the fable of the Emperor’s new cloths. The first people to fall for the con artists’ story were the most powerful and influential people in the Kingdom. And they call them fables!

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