Asking for it

I have been waking up with posts to write lately but I’ve been forcing myself to turn over and fall back asleep. My attic office has been strewn with campaign projects and documents so that I’ve had to worry something hiding under a stack of papers of critical importance has been forgotten. So, after passing out 150 flyers in the drizzle I’ve decided its time for me to vacuum the carpet and sort everything. Its likely the last vacuuming my office will get until after the election.

I have put a few new posts in and I’m gratified at the interest they’ve generated. About 225 visitors since October 1st have spent at least half an hour pouring over the blog. This month may set the record that last month just missed. There are interesting things to note on LincolnDemocrat you won’t find anywhere else.

Another post will deal with the treatment accorded our six-month superintendent IV Foster. Foster was black and hardly given a chance before he was run out of town. He was rumored to have (gasp) dated white women!!!!!!! We’ve had lots of conversations lately about how minority children are treated in the District. If a black superintendent can be railroaded out of town in half a year I’m not sure they stand a chance!

Its also about time I show my readers the School District documents that show how our District has switched from using our local levy for classrooms to using just about all of them to pay off building bonds. I’m waiting for the Tribune’s editor to return those to me so I can upload them for my audience.

But before I enter any more posts I need to put my campaign finances in order. I’ve got to organize a couple more fundraising letters to pay for new campaigning. I’m worried that I will not be able to treat my earlier “loans” to my campaign as loans but will have to simply turn them into more donations. Between helping Art fight off the School District’s attorneys and this campaign I haven’t been able to put a cent of my school board stipends for the past three-and-a-half years, roughly $7,500.00 per annum, in the bank. This “job” is simply done for the “reward” of keeping boneheads from doing any more damage to our children. Remember Mark Twain’s evaluation of School Boards. He was not a positivist.

We threw away $14.5 million that could have hired a lot of teachers for three years running to get us back on track. The Trib editors that railed about how stupid this was endorsed a passel of candidates who said they would have turned it down too. That’s blindness, not “ugliness,” on the part of the Editors. I’ll have something to say about ugliness too. Especially if they end up endorsing a First District candidate who has organized a lot of tepid endorsement letters that have been popping up in the Trib. None of them mention the two years of ugliness she helped engineer. Its the victims that have paid the price.

Ah, but that all can wait. I have more vacuuming to do.

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