Another rainy day

Today is another rainy day that I won’t be passing soggy literature door to door. Neither will I be part of Homecroft School’s “human fence” to keep the kids safe while they play on the parking lot until their mulch is replaced. The Principal called and asked if I could do it tomorrow instead.

I managed to get some other pressing business taken care of yesterday while hiding from the rain. Then at 3 I actually got three hours of lit dropping in and finished up a section of Piedmont Heights. My cell phone’s pedometer registered almost 15,000 steps.

I didn’t take any pics but I had a long conversation with a couple who had fought the Red Plan’s broken promises at their elementary school. They mentioned the parking lot that was smaller than promised, the cars parked dangerously so they put their lives at risk every time they try to pull onto Chambersburg Road, the angled bus drop off parking that drivers ignore because its too dangerous to back into the road behind them and the attempt to block off Ensign Road for a playground that the Fire Marshall was opposed to for safety reasons. They let me put up a sign right across the school.

In another week or two I’ll get serious about lawnsigns. In the meantime it’s a comfort to find so many friendly folks as I go out door knocking.

Oh, and today I finally looked carefully at my stack of unfinished Tribs and saw that our intersection is supposed to be open at 5PM today. All the light polls were put up yesterday and are currently attaching the top lights to them. I’ll believe its open when I see it.

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