Snow at the Trib

I was out of town yesterday¬†visiting family¬†in the Twin Cities. They had nine fresh of snow on the ground. My niece, Lydia, helped me find a leprechan in her yard. It was St. Paddy’s day. Upon my return I found a call from the Trib’s reporter Scott Thistle. I’d missed his call but as soon as I picked up the Trib I knew what he wanted. It contained Scott’s story about a fellow who had built what he hoped was the tallest snow sculpture in Duluth’s history. Even though Scott no longer needed my background info I called to explain my not returning his call.

Scott said he’d heard that I was mad at the Trib. I just laughed and told him I was over it. I also told him that you only get mad at the people you really love. Scott said he’d heard that before but he sounded skeptical.

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