Well, at least someone noticed

When a “small time politician” defects from one party to another he/she is likely to want people to notice. I know I’m looking forward to some attention. So, it was with great pleasure that I welcomed a neighbor weilding a note pad while I was working on my latest snow sculpture – “Farewell to the GOP.”

She gave me a nice write up in the UMD Statesman although she did not mention or get the significance of my sculpture’s title. Hey, college kids barely know the mayors of their college towns let alone the local has-been politicians.

After the drubbing I just gave the city paper it may be a while before they deign to give me any attention again. Oh well, I should give the Trib credit for their letter-to-the-editor section. They have always taken great delight in publishing stinging criticism of their paper’s coverage and editorial opinion. Too bad we don’t have a President with skin that thick. But then our President and his party regard critics as unpatriotic. I wonder how he’s feeling about about his Republican Congress today?

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