This is for you Harry

There has much been much consternation and anger among LDVers. The School District kept alternating between the message that the Plan B report was LDV’s to develope to the more credible message that a Plan B review and comment belonged to them.

Not surprisingly the latter sentiment won out and the District imposed a great many blemishes on the report before beginning a full court press to discredit Plan B in the local media.

Here’s a portion of an email circulating which spells out the District’s helpful work.

Clearly, the surprise visit Monday last, to ATS&R’s office in the Twin Cities by Bill Hanson and Kerry Leider, ISD709, and someone from JCI, to change and remove words and sections from the Pan B Review and Comment document would be seen as unethical by the public, and maybe seen as illegal interference in the petition process by the Attorney General.

And given the obvious moves to undermine this report, now revealed by

1) the District’s prepared questions and handouts at the Tuesday school board meeting presentation by LDV,

2) the Wednesday meeting at the editorial board of the Duluth News Tribune (results published Friday), and

3) the letters to the editor and Horner’s article on Saturday, quoting the District’s lines of prepared destructive criticisms of the document they themselves altered on Monday in the architect;s office in the Twin Cities: it is apparent that LDV must take action to correct these actions.

A supporter sent me this you tube under the subject heading, “This is for you Harry.”

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