Eclipsing my campaign

Couldn’t sleep last night. I’m heading out with my grandson to catch 2 minutes of total eclipse if we can find a route that will take us to cloud free skies. The Tan Man usually wakes up at 6 AM on his own. If he wakes in an hour and a half we’ll sneak out three hours earlier than I had originally planned. (Must take advantage of my wakefulness)

As I opened up the computer a headline that cried out for reading – I ignored it – said that people taking off for the eclipse will cost the U.S. economy $750 million. Heck, that’s half again more than the cost of the Red Plan. Its always helpful to have a guidepost to put things in perspective.

It might have been my mighty effort to pass out campaign literature yesterday that made sleep difficult. My cell phone’s exercise app said I spent 250 minutes walking yesterday. It was four hours under a reasonably hot sun and I suffered twice because because I hadn’t taken water with me to hydrate myself. The app said I put in 26,000 steps or something like that. I managed to pass out close to 500 of my lit pieces. That’s 1/20th of what I printed out. Unless it leads to some orders for my “trading cards” that will be the end of my door to door work because, as I have indicated before, I simply refuse to spend anymore on school board campaigns. You can tote up my expenditures if you check out all the candidates, including my own, campaign finance statements. Its me versus the DFL and the DFT. I’ve also contributed to some excellent candidates who I hope to serve with over the next four years should I prevail in the September primary and the November General election.

But, I’ll be out of town until Tuesday when I return for the next school board meeting. The following day, Wednesday, I’ll be interviewed by the News Tribune’s Editorial Board and resume my door to door work. Depending on the weather I should be able to increase my average daily lit dropping. I think my record two years ago when I was helping Loren Martell and Alanna Oswald was something like 36,000 steps.

The campaign for the Duluth School Board is simply that important to me. But I won’t let it eclipse the next couple days with my Grandson. Now I must go to my weather apps to see where the clearest skies are forecast.

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