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One of my fundraising ideas is so eyebrow raising that hardly any of my allies knows what to say about it. Selling a book to pay back potential losses should we forfeit the bond because we lose the case.

So, it was heartening to read this in the second email of the morning:

Obviously we want a book and will stop in on Saturday wtih a check, plus we can pick it up next summer or whenever, so dont plan to have to mail it. Harry, this sounds darn good; you have thought of lots of options; who would have ever guessed this one. Can imagine it is making the opposition a bit nervous. K and R 23 June 2009

Of the three other people who reached me by phone as I traveled yesterday two concerned the book. One was a source with a pretty troubling story about financial mispending at the District over the past several years. I’ve added it to my list but its one of the reasons I want candidates challenging the incumbents to call for a state audit of the District’s finances.

When Mark Myles was superintendent he made it policy to have the State Auditor come in once every five years to check our books. He had taken over when the District was in Statutory Operatng Debt and he had to clean house. I think we’re headed that direction once again.

My phoner was calling to give me an update on his/her progress retreiving some evidence.

Another person who called was a former executive in the publishing business with a great deal of historical knowledge about school construction. I had called him and left a message earlier hoping he might advise me about how to make my book more than a simple fundraising enterprise. I want it as readable as the blog but I also want it to be instructive. European sophisticates always complain that too many heavy American movies are way too educational and preachy instead of just good cinema. That’s the kind of book I want sans preachy. I hate preachy. But education. Well, that’s different. For crying out loud, I’m a teacher!

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