Hey Duluth! Don’t let the Ordean neighbors down.

I assembled a packet of info to be passed out door-to-door in Ordean. It sure would be nice if others would give Ordean a hand. Donate here online or send a check to: Let Duluth Vote, PO Box 3174, Duluth, MN 55803

I attached the following note to the packet:

I’ve heard some folks are anticipating as much as a 30% drop in the value of Ordean homes because of the Red Plan. That’s over $50 thousand on a $170,000 house.

If the Sixth District Court issues an injunction because of our suit it will last all summer until a few days before four new school board members are elected on Nov 3rd. Ordean High will be history. All we need is a $100,000 bond. In three days we’ve raised $20,000 and gotten a pledge for the last $10,000 once we’ve raised $90,000.

There are 200 plus Ordean homes. If 3/4th of them contributed an average of $500 we’d have $75,000, enough for the Bond and the injunction. We have seven days to raise it.

So far only 25 people have contributed or pledged but they’ve raised $30,000. $500 vs. $50,000. Take your pick. If we win our case you’ll get $500 back. If we lose the case you’ll only be out $500 because your home values will stop free falling.

I can’t afford it but I just put $10,000 in myself and I’m not worried about my house. I just don’t like bullies stealing my vote and spending $350,000 to level my neighbor’s houses for parking lots because I’m too stubborn to move. How about you?

Harry Welty

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