A note on my next three weeks

I had hoped not to be too busy this year with my reelection campaign. Losing the DFL nomination so decisively put that wish to bed. Now I’ll have to go door to door.

The past week I’ve been busy both preparing for China and the campaign I will be out of town for the next three weeks. I hope to have the campaign ready to pick up again in early August upon my return. My campaign “trading cards” are about ready for production and I finally recorded the speech I gave to the DFL but which their sound system prevented most delegates from hearing before my crushing 34 -200 some vote defeat.

I hope to have time to do something with that new Facebook Page a friend set up for me and I have a new cell phone so I might be able to post some pictures from China on it if I can get the hang of it.

I’ve got a campaign meeting in a few minutes and hopefully I’ll be able to spend the weekend preparing for my departure on Tuesday. I’ll be over the Pacific when the School Board meets. It will be a quiet meeting. I attended all three board meetings this week and they were mercifully brief and uncontroversial.

Check out my campaign webpage.

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