Blood on our hands

As America was winding down in Vietman and “peace” activists demanded we withdraw I was very troubled about what would happen to our South Vietnamese allies who remained. I don’t recall any of the peace activists ever expressing remorse for the consequences of our departure so eager were they to “give peace a chance.”

I can say the same thing now about the peace activists who demand our withdrawl from Iraq. Oh yes, as in the case of Vietnam the peace activists were quick to point out how the war had done terrible things to the Iraqies just as the former war did terrible things to the Vietnamese. My recollection is that almost three million Vietmanese died in the war while we were engaged there. I can only conclude that today’s peace activists are so eager to have peace at any price that they have simply written off the Iraqies.

Anyone who thinks that we should abandon Iraq should read this article which is as horrible as the preceeding one about the Congo.

Even before George Bush did a switch and bait on Iraq from finding WMD’s to saving benighted Iraqies from Saddam I would have agreed that saving them was a worthy cause. In fact I was making the same argument before George’s bait and switch. Saddly we started something we were not prepared to deal with Iraq in the way that might have assured the Iraqies peace.

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