Crunchy conservatives

Joe Souchery who called me once from his Radio Show after I performed voodoo wrote this about common sense. I think he’s completely in denial about the effect of global warming from our burning millions of tons of fossil fuels every day. Perhaps Joe has discovered that he can leave his dog in a sealed up car on a hot day because somehow the UV light flooding in the windows doesn’t turn into infrared radiation because he doesn’t use the cigarette lighter. But I digress. Anywho, Joe’s discovered that he’s considered a “crunchy conservative.”

Good for him. I turn off the lights too when there’s a heat wave. I also close the drapes during the day, open the windows at night, turn off my computer when I’m not using it and brew my coffee outside rather than trap more heat in the kitchen.

Of course, contrary to the headline in Joe’s piece not all “comman sense” is all that sensible. For instance, while it sound sensible to fight terrorists abroad rather than at home it doesn’t make sense if you don’t take the ancient Greek myth about the Hydra into account. You’ve probably heard of it - about the monster who grew two new heads every time one was cut off.

Now that we are seen as cheering on Israel’s bombardment of civilians in Lebanon we can expect new bin Ladins to emerge. Too bad our troops “over there” are beginning to lose their morale. Its hot in Iraq too. I hope the troops turn off their appliances whenever they go out to patrol Baghdad.


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