I can’t give it up

I told myself over a week ago that I’d phase myself out of all the Let Duluth Vote work I’ve been doing for the past two years. Considering how busy I’ve been doing Let Duluth Vote work since that promise it looks as though I lied to myself. Self delusion is not that uncommon. Lots of folks say that they can quit smoking or gambling any time they want.

Today I spent a couple hours talking to someone I hope to convince to run for the School Board. I handed this person some recent information I got my hands on that has my blood boiling. I know this person has a big investment in public education and I have my fingers crossed that they’ll throw their hat in the ring. This District is being run into the ground. Unless its stopped ASAP it will not recover before my grandson graduates from High School sixteen years from now.

All our schools need is four competent school board replacements for the quartet up for reelection that has blindly plowed over the cliff – providing – that is, that the Red Plan construction can be halted especially at Ordean. I do not envy the new school board. They will have lots of money in the bank. But they will have a very messy cleanup. I hope JCI is required to pay through the nose for the damage their greed has inflicted on Duluth. I mean reparations over and above simply paying Duluth back that the School Board has thrown at JCI.

At tonight’s LDV meeting the taxpayer’s attorney, Craig Hunter, dropped by to give us the latest on our case. Every time I listen to him I revel at the power of his reasoning.

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