My wife says only old people will understand this sign.

But they are the people who are about to hand the oval office over to the ex head of the KGB.

Just put in my front yard. I hope it lasts longer than my last sign.

Here’s a visual for the young folks who may not know to whom this sign refers.

From Mother Jones:

…… “It started off as a fairly general inquiry,” says the former spook, who asks not to be identified. But when he dug into Trump, he notes, he came across troubling information indicating connections between Trump and the Russian government. According to his sources, he says, “there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit.”

This was, the former spy remarks, “an extraordinary situation.” He regularly consults with US government agencies on Russian matters, and near the start of July on his own initiative—without the permission of the US company that hired him—he sent a report he had written for that firm to a contact at the FBI, according to the former intelligence officer and his American associates, who asked not to be identified. (He declines to identify the FBI contact.) The former spy says he concluded that the information he had collected on Trump was “sufficiently serious” to share with the FBI.

With the help of FBI Director, James Comey, Donald Trump has just taken a lead in the polls. Who needs a communist dupe when you can get the head of the FBI to do your dirty work for you?

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