Trust my judgement. Seriously. As I descend to complete silliness

I have one more week to put my Grandfather’s docs together before I travel to Missouri and Kansas to once again help honor is memory in official memorials. I’ve been working on this project for several months and I feel like a lot of the stories I’ve heard and even typed up over the last thirty years are being threaded together. George Robb began a war diary when he left his home town to ship out of New York in January of 1918. A year later he would be recupperating from wounds in France.

He only wrote down about five weeks of notes from Salina, Kansas to Langres, France. His last entry mentions that he went shopping for a notebook in France because he was joining a group of 50 lieutenents assigned to a “sniper school.” A month ago that notebook of about one hundred pages was sent to me. Its not one of the documents I’ve read through but glancing through it shows it will be a good a lesson in that era’s trench warfare tactics.

I have lots of distractions from this work. Thursday I helped prepare for a spaghetti dinner to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Today I spent hours turning liquor boxes into great huge legos and drew a couple of breast plates so that Claudia could be play lego warriors for our Church’s trunk or treat. Then I took four hours to clean my yard, my patio and the sidewalk along 21st Avenue before rain falls and makes the copious leaves from my canopy of poplars wet and heavy. Neither can I forget that I’m part of a couple. Friday Claudia hinted that a movie would be a nice way to spend the day. Its her last week free from classes and she needed some rec time. Nothing appealed to us in the theaters but after a short search I recalled a fun review I’d heard of a New Zealand offering “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.”

OMG! It was sweet and very funny. It put me in a good mood until I remembered the Presidential campaign. I’d recommend it. I think we livestreamed it from Amazon Prime…..but it might have been Netflix. Trust me. watch it. Don’t even peek at the trailer……although I have linked to it in case you don’t trust my good judgement. For crying out loud already! You elected me to the school board. I should be asking myself whether I can trust your judgement.

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