Cinco de Mayo – no time stamps

The last two posts will likely continue in time stamp fashion. They give a sense of the urgency of saving every minute. In a sense all the preceding days extending back years when I wrote nothing were too. However, not putting anything in a blog seems even more likely to be indifference. I don’t know if I can gin up some excitement about following this campaign or not. That would require people tuning to see if my campaign seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Frankly I’m not sure people check out blogs so much any more.

Tonight I was about to crawl into bed after nodding off watching a very funny Aussie series called Fisk. Then I saw a small campfire across the street where on Friday there was a busy party of kids excited about ending the school year. I went over to chat with them to soften them up for a request to put up a lawnsign later. That would be a humorous story to tell about my giving them a leaflet with one of my favorite stories “Welcome to College Andrew.” But I won’t tell it even though I feel no need to time stamp this post and limit myself to 20 minutes.

Seeing the campfire with only four students around it I was sure it was only the residents of the home. I put my shoes on and invited myself to their campfire. I gave them my more serious flyer from two years ago with Pete Stauber swearing to God to defend our nation and constitution and had a more somber if still humorous presentation which did garner their assent to a sign. I got another OK from a fourth street house. I’m batting 100%. Hard to fall asleep with good vibes like I’ve got now.

This has been a good weekend. On Saturday I started my paperwork from scratch as I had seven days before. I think I will get a lot of technical stuff done wiring funds, restoring websites and other online house keeping. My big task may be simple but I’ve put it off day after day. Its the simple request of a number from the Library of Congress for the eBook version of my paperback. The trickier thing to do will be to read up on how to upload it to Amazon for sale.

My paperback is at least two weeks away from being available. Its time I will put to good use putting up lawnsigns. I only put up 20 of them two years ago and had one person tell me I had the best signs in Duluth. This time I’ll put up more like 200.

Its tedious work but I just removed the rust from the rebar and have a black patch on my back yard to prove it. Not contenting with rust will make putting them up without constant handwashing a breeze. But they require more work. half of them have Jen Schultz stickers on them. I put them on the signs two years ago because no one who spits out a lying oath tood to protect our Constitution deserves to sit in Congress after January 6th.

I only got 12 of the patches removed which is slow to avoid pulling of the original sign’s paint. It took over thirty minutes but I still have three hours of that work ahead of me. I put Schultz stickers on about 100 of my 200 signs but only put up about 20. If I lose the primary I’ll offer to put them back on again but I won’t do it myself.

I am miles ahead of where I was two years ago. I’ve got the beautiful flyer from then to pass out and I tested a new one with college kids twice and was told they would like what I’ve given them. Convincing them I’m a serious candidate is something else but I convinced my grandson and two groups of college students this was serious business. The rest of May will be used to convince the many political experts of Duluth who like me but consider my campaign eye roll material that this will be the real deal. If my book goes viral, and I think I might go viral far beyond Minnesota’s boundaries I would give Stauber a real scare.

100 of my signs will turn people’s heads. If I succeed in selling 200 books in the next two weeks that will raise enough cash for me to put in an order for 2,500 paperbacks more than the 500 I started with for the First edition.

If I sold those I could order 5 or 10 thousand books. I’m not dreaming big. I’m planning big. As I have told the college kids there is no one better known in the Duluth community than me. No one. My name may not stick with the politically disinterested but almost 40 years of snow sculpting has made my house almost a public house. When people learn that its me making those sculptures no one thinks to themselves. “That guy swore to defend our constitution three times to God and then crapped on his oath and God.”

My campaign may not get me elected but if not me then I can help Jen Schultz. But if I win the primary I’ll have a potent message that just might swing people my direction for the General election.

I’m not pressed for time but I’m not going to proof read this. My French penpal can understand my terrible French and I figure most local voters will be able to divine what I’ve written without my bending over backward to have a spotless text in my always hastily written blog. I save that kind of sweat for my columns in the Duluth Reader.

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