Many Rivers Montessori is invited to speak…

…at the Duluth School Board’s next Business Committee Meeting. Here is an email from Alanna Oswald to Many Rivers alerting them to the invitation:

Hello Mr Niedermier,
Attached is the agenda item for November submitted moments ago.

The Business Committee meeting for November is scheduled for Monday, November 7th, at 4:30pm, or immediately following the HR Committee, which begins at 4:15pm. Please come prepared with information regarding your letter request for a meeting from September, 2016. It is in board room of Historic Old Central High School, middle of the second floor hallway. Public Entrance is off 3rd St. Free parking is available in either district lot across Lake Avenue or 1st Ave East. No parking permit required to attend school board meetings.

You and your representatives will be invited to the tables set up on the floor in front of the dais to present any information your find relevant, ask questions, and respond to questions from those around the table. The general public is also invited to watch the meeting in the audience, although it is not the norm that they will be able to participate in the discussion. Committee meetings are live streamed on YouTube as of September, 2016, and automatically uploaded for viewing after the meeting. Go to the Duluth Public Schools channel on YouTube to view.

Here’s the link for future reference:

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. If I am organized before the meeting, I may be able to send you some of my questions beforehand to help you understand the information I will be looking to hear. Thanks for your continued interest in pursuing this item.


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