Bullying – a two way street?

In response to my post about Mr. French who has received hostile (to put it mildly) messages from what he characterizes as “Alt Right” Trump supporters my Buddy sent me this blog post from Dilbert creater Scott Adams to demonstrate that malevelance doesn’t just come from one direction.

Whether they are equivelent in their malevelance or not all such harassment is a sign, at the very least, of self righteousness. No one has a monopoly on that human vice.

I’m not sure what Adams said or did to deserve abuse. I heard him on the BBC being interviewed recently and as I recall he said something to the effect that he was indifferent about who should become the next US President. I sort of remember him saying he didn’t plan to vote but at the very least he seemed to think the big issues were so complicated that neither candidate had anything like a firm grasp on solutions. That’s hardly worthy of harassment so Adams must have angered Hillary’s supporters in some other way if he’s now planning on endorsing Trump.

Will he do it in a Dilbert cartoon? I will keep my eye out for that. I haven’t decided whether Dilbert is an exercise in cynicism or skepticism. I guess I’d take his endorsement of a presidential candidate in much the same way as I take his pointed cartoons.

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