PIDDLINGS 10-19-2016

Sometimes I get traditional good night sleeps despite the horror of this dyspeptic election year. Not so yesterday. I crawled back into bed about about 7AM yesterday only to be awakened by a phone call reminding me that I had volunteered to help Habitat for Humanity that day. Last night, after a too generous late meal, I got out of bed and took a midnight walk hoping to see the moon’s occultation of aldebaran. Only after I was out on the Lakewalk did I google on my cell and learn I was about 200 miles too far north to see it.

After my work at Habitat yesterday I came home and spent a couple hours entering events in my Grandfather Robb’s life into a timeline ap I downloaded from the Internet. That’s what I had wanted to spend the day doing and its what I will be doing for most of today until I pick up my grandson’s from school and go to a church potluck dinner. In fact, I’ll be putting timelines on several of my forebears together for the next several months. At the moment I find it far more rewarding than being on the Duluth School Board which occupied my evening yesterday. Here’s the DNT’s take on the meeting. WDIO’s had a smart story on air last night but doesn’t have video up. KBJR only reported our tabling talk of the Superintendent’s contract. The full meeting video “>is here on youtube.

At 13 minutes Alanna Oswald moves to drop a troublesome resolution from the Business Committee discussion. We have an intense but muted discussion about fair play before Chair Harala misremembers our new policy on changing agendas at actual Board meetings. Whether to invite Many Rivers Montesorri to talk to us was the main issue tonight. The Superintendent’s contract will follow in a couple month’s time. I’m sorry KBJR had their eye on the wrong ball but apparently it had announced the contract would be approved last night. If so, I didn’t hear any mea culpas about their prematurity.

I’ve gotten a couple emails to my Board account quibbling about extending the Superintendent’s contract. I think Board members will be talking about this among themselves until March when we will likely consider it again at the Board meeting.

I’ve been quibbling with my Buddy about the Trump/Clinton race. I think Trump is a modern day Aaron Burr-like threat to the best spirit of America. My Buddy may think Hilary is. He also thinks that I’m rationalizing my support of Hillary Clinton. I’d prefer to think I was reasoning rather than rationalizing which strongly suggests I know that the vote I’m about to cast is a bad thing to do…….like a little kid stealing a cookie he/she hasn’t asked permission to eat.

I should thank my ex-pat sister who now lives in Equador for her new home’s taking away Julien Assange’s computers. Naughty boy……helping Vladimir Putin bedevil Hillary’s campaign. tsk, tsk, tsk!

That’s enough to keep my eight loyal readers up to dayte. I’ve got some data entry ahead of me.

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