Endearing Endowing

I drove down to the Twin Cities to visit my Mother today so I couldn’t start calling to invite people to our Tuesday Endowment meeting until I got back at seven. I added five more great people to what is becoming a real A-list of attendees.

There is one huge gap in our attendence, however. We only have a few people from our PTA’s coming. I did get to send an email to a PTA contact for each school but it takes a phone call to get people signed up for a meeting. After I groused a bit about this hole in our attendance someone kindly pointed out that at this time of the year PTA types are pretty burnt out. Oh, and since lots of them have jobs, breaking away for a morning meeting isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Nobody ever said building an endowment worthy of the Duluth Schools would be easy. We’ll get this done.

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