Perspective, celebration and an escape from politics

And old neighbor reposted this to Facebook. It seems noteworthy since the GOP is attempting to take over about the only thing in American Government not in their possession.

I kept away from the blog yesterday as I finished up organizing myself…..meaning my office. It’s hardly recognizable. I celebrated at the end of the day with a bottle of wine, a slice of chocolate cake and the Vice Presidential debate. Claudia and I could only stomach about thirty minutes worth as Hillary’s running mate began by mimicking Trump’s constant interruptions. ‘Governor Pence took it all in with good humor. Judging by the full debate’s reviews this morning Caine did what he was supposed to and the fact checking mostly leans in his favor.

Instead of politics we watched another episode of an Australian/New Zealand series called 800 words. We are both smitten with the Antipodes. Its a charming series about a family that moves from Australia to the “Arse of the World” to escape from gloom and tragedy. You can see it on the British site “Acorn.”

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