a third Montesorri Email sent to the School Board


I have been following the current developments surrounding Many Rivers Montessori School and your decision to deny them even a conversation about selling one of our existing vacant schools. I am a Taxpayer in Duluth (I live in lakeside). I have a 4.5 year old daughter who will be starting kindergarten next year. I would much rather send her to a school district that uses my tax dollars in a smart effective way. I am upset by your recent decisions to deny another CHILDCARE and “alternative” school the opportunity to flourish in our beautiful city. This reflects poorly on you! You say that you represent the city of Duluth residents and are upholding a current board bylaw by not selling to “competing” schools… Let’s get real!!

You are not representing the Duluth citizens! You are choosing to say that! Have you asked? Have you held a vote of the people? How many Duluth citizens need to voice an opposing opinion before you decide that this might BE WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT? I for one would be happy to volunteer circulating a petition going door to door! I am part of a moms group (many of us stay at home parents). We have started a petition and plan to break it down to neighborhoods and go door to door! We will solicit people at soccer games, gymnastics, little league, book club, dance, football and so much more. How many signatures do you need?

After collecting thousands of signatures we plan to submit our petition to every local and national news station. Start representing the City of Duluth the way we as the taxpayers wish to be represented!!
We have a good school district, but with respect you guys are making some VERY poor choices!

If you get one thing from my e-mail understand this: We plan to petition every person in Duluth to show you that we are not being represented fairly!!!

Please sell a building to the interested buyer Many Rivers Montessori.


******* ********
Tax Payer of Duluth MN

My reply:

Thank you *******.

Good luck with your petition. I’m sure you will find that many agree with you. I know I do.

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