Taking out the trash

I didn’t. That’s two weeks in a row I’ve been so preoccupied fighting the forces of darkness that I’ve forgotten to set it out for the haulers. The bin is filled to the brim. Curses! At least its too cold to rot and stink up the garage but I won’t be surprised to see a murder of crows fly off with it.

I meant to get to the City Council chambers at 9:30 to hear the latest dog and pony show about the State’s budget. I’d gone to one our three local legislators put on a couple Saturdays ago at the DECC. This time there was a whole panel of legislators not just the three musketeers.

I had woken up at 5AM and begun working on Red Plan related activities but put off until the last minute the flyer on the Ordean site I meant to distribute. I was set back half an hour when I discovered I’d forwarded the wrong image to the printer and had to return home to email the correct version. I was late to the meeting by half an hour. It was crammed full of supplicants for state dollars and a TV monitor was set out in the hall for the overflow.

I took a handfull of corrected leaflets and gave them to a staff person to to the legislators and signed up to speak. After waiting for an hour and fifteen minutes I had to leave to serve lunch at the Soup Kitchen. After volunteering I ran into an LDVer who told me that my name was finally called an hour after I left City Hall.

At the soup kitchen I was told that Board member Nancy Nilsen took one of my flyers and groused that it was full of misinformation. I wonder how she could possibly know.

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