Red and Shovel Ready

I was sent this list of potential Federal stimulus spending on Red Plan projects which was found on I’m not sure how the recent news that schools have been cut back in the package will affect this. The spending planned for the Ordean stadium is pretty remarkable.

Governor Pawlenty who as a good Republican has criticized the stimulus package nonetheless says he’ll take Minnesota’s share because Minnesota contributes more to the Federal taxes than we get back. After hearing this my wife commented that this would be true of every state in the union and will remain so until the Federal Government stops spending money. If its going to spend six million in Duluth on a high school stadium that was never part of the Red Plan I don’t think we’ll ever have to worry about that possibility.

Ordean school addition/renovation $23,500,000

Denfeld school addition/renovation $11,670,800

New Laura McArthur school $10,500,000

Homecroft school addition/renovation $7,166,990

New Lester Park school $7,000,000

Lowell school renovation $6,329,180

Ordean stadium $6,266,390

New western middle school $4,000,000

Total $76,433,360

This would account for about one forth of Duluth’s construction costs. When Superior built its schools in the 1990’s Wisconsin paid just under 3/4ths of the cost.

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