The Red Plan Strikes Back

From the Advertising Company paid by the taxpayers to make them feel better about being swindled; here’s a video debunking Let Duluth Vote’s Plan B.

Let Duluth Vote’s “Plan B” presentation to the Duluth School Board from Greenfield Communications on Vimeo.

Notice how for the first time in history incumbent school board members actually ask questions. (Also note that they were given questions on pieces of paper to ask so that this contrivance could be properly staged.)

Notice that unlike their Red Plan which they never looked at before sending it to the Minnesota Dept. of Education for Review, they actually have copies of Let Duluth Vote’s Plan B to look at.

Notice that the video shows them asking many, many, many, many questions.

Notice that the video does not show any, any, any, any replies to these questions.

Notice the amazing similarity between this Video Advertisement’s insinuations and the information provided by the Duluth News Tribune the day after this video was shot.

I spent half an hour trying to buy this story on the Trib’s website. Its probably just another sinister booby trap engineered by JCI.

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