The old salt revealed – what was behind that beard of mine?

I’ve got ten minutes to blog before I head off to tonight’s school board meeting. I have shed my beard much to the amazement of my grandsons one of whom has never seen me shorn. Here’s my current face:

Oops I haven’t uploaded it to Flikr yet. You will have to wait.

OK I’ve had a storm to pick up after, visiting grandsons and a power outage as well as a Republican convention to sit through slack jawed. Now I have that pic. I’m preparing for a theatrical role so Its a little animated:

And that raised eye of mine reminded me of a picture I took from my sundeck a couple days before. Talk about an evil eye:


Of more consequence I forgot that Jennifer Martin-Romme editor of the Zenith Weekly would quote me at my most revealing when she called to ask me about our budget. The result is my being quoted talking about “shit creek” and “mealy mouthed crap.” Oh well, Its one of the most enlightening discussions about our fiscal woes and the Red Plan’s impact any Duluth School Board nerd could hope to read. You may have to wait to see what lay under my salt and pepper beard but this column is salty enough to compensate.

Here it is in all my glory.

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