A segue

Its almost time for me to get over my flawed humanity. I pride myself on being tougher on myself than I am on the people who short change me. I’ve left last Wednesday’s post up by itself to assure that as many of my regular readers would find it as possible knowing that if I did a lot of posting over it it would be less likely to be read. I am still extremely angry with myself. I have not yet written an apology to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. I woke up last night brooding about my transgression and deciding that the first thing I would do this morning was write that apology and put in the mail. Until its written I won’t be able to move on but frankly I am not ready to move on. I want to keep reminding myself that I have no claim to self-righteousness.

This brooding is mixed with a lot of other postable thoughts. Art Johnston and I have been researching both the District’s finances and the claim of the letter writing Bruce Johnson that the local Charter school is siphoning $1.6 million of Special Ed money out of ISD 709. As I’ve written that is incorrect but I too oversimplified the truth. That’s a couple of future posts. I’m still recovering from my doofus-like failure to escape the School Board for an uncertain but long desired role as a state legislator. And the news, always the news. I want to write that threatened post about Hilary Clinton and golly, there are a couple news items that take me back to my past. So, I’ll start with those in the next post.

Oh, and as per usual, I just checked my blog stats to see what three days of inactivity did to them. I found that a little over 400 folks dropped by to see my last post. That bit of self flagellation didn’t take more than a couple minutes for anyone to read but somehow 26 visitors found over an hour’s worth of material to wade through in the first three days of June. That’s gratifying. I always encourage my readers to type subjects of interest into my blog’s search engine to see what I might have written about such topics in the past.

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