How about that! We saved the Zero hour

Can’t wait to tell you about it…….after my grandson’s concert this afternoon.

Sorry, I guess that was a teaser. We partied (ice cream and catch) after the concert then because I’m leaving to visit my brother Thursday I decided putting up the screens was more pressing.

Tonight we will have a school board meeting. Frankly am guessing it will be a pretty tame affair. Yesterday two issues were discussed and the little one was what was covered in the Trib this morning – the Zero Hour. The big one wasn’t mentioned but we talked it over for an hour.

I’ll deal with both after the Board meeting tonight or tomorrow.

As for calling the Zero Hour the little one here’s some perspective. We’ve continually recieved emails about the issue all of them for saving it for the past two weeks and more. They picked up when we announced the Zero hour was going to be trimmed.

This was a second black eye for us but only got a fraction of the traction as the sale of Central.

That’s an interesting story but the big one is more important yet. Later.

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