The School Board keeps getting…

…unhappy email:

Dear School Board Members,

I am writing to you as my representatives, and voicing my grave dismay and concerns regarding your vote to reject the sale of Central to Edison.

As previously stated to you, I have grown increasingly sickened by the lack of funds and support for our public school system in Duluth, Minnesota. I want full time, well paid teachers in classrooms that can allow for the enhancement of the study and achievement of the student. And that to be our goal as one community. And a school board driven to get us there.

Here is one comment I heard recently, ” I won’t vote for another dime toward the schools. They choose to reject an offer that surpassed the asking price, and funds that could have now placed in our schools to compete with Edison”.

XXXX, while seeking votes, you asked me my goal for our school board. “To get the community past their anger about the Red Plan”, was my reply. You have created a new anger.

As for those marginalized students, where will be their necessary funds for education? An Edison High will open in 2017. This is a town stuck in its past. It needed a board to revitalize its present with new ideas and an united front. For the first time, I stood with Art Johnston, who simply asked the board to slow down and consider creative options. Instead, you have left us with increasing debt, facing further cuts in an already bankrupt school system, and a community split in half.


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