Ignorance is bliss

Dr. Dixon; whom the DNT’s editors believed a few years ago when he told them that the School Board would soon have 32 million in Red Plan savings to spend; also said that school board member Gary Glass’s suggestion was not possible for the school district. Gary’s suggestion was to do what any homeowner might do to cut monthly payments by extending a home loan’s payback period. Dixon’s face saving claim has now, in his absence, become gospel.

We will evidently never find out if Gary’s three-year-old suggestion has merit because Dixon’s leftover bureaucrat doesn’t want to find out if we could save money to reduce the District’s horrendous class sizes.

This is from the DNT’s story yesterday about about the just approved 12% tax hike for the schools (over and above all the other Red Plan tax hikes)

“Member Art Johnston said Red Plan consulting firm and manager Johnson Controls should have to answer for its claim that the plan would remain ‘tax neutral.’ He said he’d rather extend payment on the 20-year bonds to 30 years than raise taxes. District business services director Bill Hanson said the district has researched that, and it wouldn’t be cost-effective.”

Hanson, the man who stood behind all of Dixon’s bloated and broken financial promises [Remember how proud Dixon was to have compromised with Red Plan critics who wanted a smaller plan but then boosted Red Plan’s cost by fifty million?] asserts without bothering to investigate that extending loans won’t cut current expenses. The man is a genius. He would have done Bernie Madoff proud.

Anybody on the School Board who puts faith in this lack of initiative should have their head examined.

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