Legal committee mtg

I just got back from Randy’s, a restaurant in old West End, where LDV’s legal advisory committee met for lunch. We each reported back on our conversations with attorneys and I was pleased with the early reports. We still have a lot of names to go through and I haven’t even begun to call my list.

Afterward, I stuck around a little while and talked about the District’s increasingly tenuous political situation. I used some pretty rough language albeit under my breath. As I left the back room an elderly co-worker from my year at Washington Junior asked me how we were doing. I guess I can’t go anywhere no without being recognized. She had seen me on the tube last night. I told her I hoped she hadn’t heard me using my colorful language. “Oh, no,” she said.

Her equally elderly friend, the wife of a former Duluth teacher, joined her and we had a rollicking time talking about how foolish the school board has been. These sweet old ladies said a couple colorful things themselves.

The friend said she had laughed to herself when she had read that if Duluth would went to a four day school week it would be the first time in history. She went to school four days a week in Duluth during the war – WWII!

“Are you saying?” I asked her, “that we’re as bad off today with Dixon as we were when we were fighting Hitler?” They both thought that was pretty funny.

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