Necroscopy of a meeting – Part 6

Sympathy from the Devil

OK Readers, I’m off to do an interview on PAC TV about all of this. Its a beautiful day and I have three posts to write. I want to finish Necroscopy 4 which will be the big one and 5 and 6 which will be shorter anecdotes. I will also be listening to a recording of the meeting for the sake of accuracy. I’m not sure I’ll finish this today. I’ll be solo grandparenting with my Grandsons late this afternoon and tonight. I’m in no hurry.

There is one devil in town, that is if my blog can be believed. Keith Dixon left but JCI is still very much a part of our community.

Yesterday I had a fascinating encounter with one of the devil’s minions who I have mentioned, although not by name, in my blog previously. We fence cordially with daggers drawn behind our backs every so often. By chance we met at a fitness center. To my surprise my old antagonist shook his head about the decision not to sell Central and expressed sympathy for my and for the community’s disbelief.

We no more than started our chat when another denizen of the locker room boomed away at me in particular. We shouldn’t sell to the competition, he said, and my serious discussion got cut short. We shouldn’t sell to a private school, he added. And then this, They shouldn’t get our tax money. I don’t have his allegations in quotes but they were all of a kind with the misinformation that the DPSA’s detractors have been lobbing at the Board members who just want to avoid more program cuts.

During the interruption another locker room denizen piped up. Pay no attention to him. Tell him you agree with him! That’s the only way you’ll get him to shut up. It was like being in the dressing room at the Roman Circus.

My old antagonist and I moved away to continue on without the uproar. What I heard next confirmed the obvious but with a twist.

It was the Board that screwed up the financing I was told. JCI had given them good figures but the Board went on a spending spree and added more and made changes that cost money. That is something I’ve complained about a gazillion times in this blog eg. Judy’s 8 million swimming pools. I, of course, will not be deterred from blaming JCI for a multitude of problems but in this there is justice. The clients, our school board, were myopic fiscal fools. If this JCI employee had any say we would have taken the DPSA money and run. Instead we will sit back and watch more of our ISD 709 families do all the running as they head for the hills.

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