Swords/Plowshares 29 – Fear Mongering, Destroying Denfeld

Fox News just did a story about Rep Erik Simonson’s letter warning that taxpayers will pay for the Central Sale. Yup. State tax payers mostly, not Duluth taxpayers. I’m OK with that because the state did nothing to protect Duluth taxpayers when the rapacious Red Plan ate up half a billion in property taxes.

I can’t find the post where I explained this before but this is the story in short. The DPSA will not be using local levy to pay to buy Central from us. That will all be from State income and sales taxes with the exception that Duluth taxpayers compose roughly 2% of Minnesota’s population. That means of the $20 million DPSA gets for its new school, wherever it builds it, Duluth taxpayers share of that 2% is a measly $400,000. ISD gets $14.2 million of that money for its beleaguered general fund. That’s my idea of a good trade.

Furthermore, We are not currently protected if Edison becomes an even more successful school. We have no enrollment cap on DPSA’s growth. We can only put that into place if we negotiate a deal with them. That is the only way I would sign off on a Central Sale. Anyone leaving DPSA adrift might come to regret its success in ten years with no restraints on building another addition.

Next I should share the hysterical piece given out to our teachers from Education Minnesota…….but first I need to rest my head. I’ve endured way too much blue screen time over the past couple days.

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