Swords/Plowshares 18 – Ignorance is not bliss

An Email Board Member Oswald sent to our Facilities Head five days ago:

Hi Kerry, (Annie please see my request at the bottom of this email)
Ok, so I’m really questioning the values presented because of your attachment. I read it over in detail finally, and came across this paragraph regarding marketing time to be sold at the values indicated in the report on page 4:

“The need for and conversion of various school properties in Duluth will vary depending on the local investment market, therefore, any market considerations for the subject properties should be considered on that scale. Considering the age, location, and design of the subject properties, marketing time is stabilized herein at 6 to 36 months. The valuation conclusions presented herein are predicated on this marketing time frame.”

According to the report itself, the values contained in it are invalid. By at least 84 months (7 years)
I am not happy that this information was not shared with the entire board at the time of our closed meeting!

I am requesting, for the third time, that a realtor complete another valuation of property prior to any decision to be made by our board, and that the realtor who will be doing the valuation be present at the public meeting……I cannot make an informed decision without this new appraisal.

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