Counting their chickens

Today’s story in the Trib has to do with renaming the high schools.

I’d heard that some East grads were already starting to lobby to keep that name for East. As for Denfeld my old friend Paul Lundgren is right. There would be a bruising and pointless battle if such a change was attempted. It was suggested and dropped in 1978 when Morgan Park students were sent to Denfeld.

I was substitute teaching the following year and the Morgan Park kids had fit in to Denfeld already.

The year before I was running for the legislature against Mike Jaros when the naming issue came up. I got a call from Mr. Denfeld’s son who balked at the renaming idea. As a legislator I would have had relatively little authority to do anything about it.

The online comment section is a little more circumspect. It begins: “If Duluth Central closes.”

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