Back to Reality

I’ve taken a break from regular blogging to refresh myself and to get my bearings for a soon-to-be new school board. I have explained previously that my commentary about other board members, especially my passing on their quotes or paraphrases, has led to hurt feelings and worse. I backed off from such commentary for about six months after winning my own election to the School Board in 2013 from November of that year until the following spring until I deduced that I was being treated less than fairly. I have also said that I was censured in December for my blogging and not for my premature disclosure of the Central selling price. By then my blog was a source of embarrassment for my fellow board mates.

Although the new Board has yet to be seated I can assure my eight loyal readers that my early confidence in the new school board seems to be justified. I have met with one of the newly elected board members who was sort of keeping distance from me and we found much to compare notes about. School Board personalities and politics did not rear its ugly head, however, so that remains to be tested at a later date.

There are many speed bumps ahead for the new board. I’ll post two such bumps following this. I’ll offer no answers because none will be easily available to us. The simple fact is that as tall as these bumps are they will be infinitely higher if we don’t have a sensible board. It is my strong belief that the next school board will focus on solutions to these difficult problems far more closely than the wounded egos of each member. Keep your fingers crossed that my prediction pans out.

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