I’m going to mow my lawn today

At the end of last night’s school board meeting those of us on Art’s side walked around looking relaxed and a little self satisfied. That was sort of a suprise considering the brutally nasty series of Whereases promulgated by the Whereasses on the School Board. (Bored, forgive me, for I have punned)

Art had used the word impotent during a short peroration that I stood and applauded for (bad form that I don’t regret at all) at the beginning of the actual school board meeting. The resolution was so much sticks and stones and that impotence probably explains the friendly attitude at the end of the meeting. Art was supposed to be gone long ago and now he will fulfill his full term of office so long as he doesn’t tap the Superintendent on the shoulder and send him skittering across the floor.

Chair Seliga-Punyko lost what I’m almost certain was her stealthy attempt to be given a free year of service without benefit of election. All around it was a good day for Art’s side and a bad run of events for his detractors……which may explain the “vitriol” in Mike Miernicki’s whereases.

If you want the run down without all the soap opera I’ll probably get around to detailing its here in the Trib. The part of Jana’s story I like most is the comments of the audience that told the whole board we are a bunch of horse’s asses. I wear my self loathing with pride. If I was a medieval Monk I’d be wearing a hair-shirt.

At nine after two hours of business like discussion following the tempest I helped carry a satchel of camera equipment that recorded the tempest to its cameraman’s car then hopped in my own. I called Claudia and told her I was famished. All she’d eaten were some stale taco chips. I stopped at Micky D’s and the drive up person recognized me and asked how my meeting went. I said something rude and we laughed came home and stuffed waay too much in my tummy for so late in the evening. That woke me up three hours after I hit the sack and spent an hour mulling over the day. I got up to write and thought my head was still too crowded with metaphors to untangle. So I put on my coat and took an hour and a half walk along Lake Superior and back. I did dictate twenty or thirty key words and phrases into my cell phone to remember them for when I finally got around to describing yesterday………..

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