Some organizations are too big for apologies

Including, of course, the Duluth School Board that promised so much with the Red Plan, took so much and then so much more and delivered so much less than promised.

Of course, the School Board signed on to the Civility Projects pledge which urgently requests apologies for screw ups. There is just no way an organization will do such a thing. The Organization as currently constituted will be composed of folks who feel that since they weren’t part of the organization at the time a mistake was committed it would be hypocritical to apologize since they would be putting words into the mouths of the people who really should apologize.

Ah, but individuals. That’s different. That’s one of the pleasing things about Walter Mondale’s acknowledgement that Ronald Reagan was really a mensch that I included a couple of posts back.

Among the organizations that ought to apologize for its ham handed mean spiritedness is the local AFL-CIO which “banned Don Ness for Life” from paying a call on their Paul Wellstone Hall at the Labor Temple. Hell, they ought to ban all the union workers at the Radisson’s restaurant as well because, as Mayor Ness points out, they had to cross the informational picket line out front to get to their union jobs first.

But while the local head of the union makes himself scarce Craig Olson, President of the Building Trades Council doubles down and sticks up for the decision. That’s the wrap up from today’s story in the Trib.

I’m still curious to know if Rachel Loeffler-Kemp was part of that unanimous vote to embarrass Mayor Ness.

Well, the Mayor has close to 5,000 likes in Facebook in regards to this unforced error by the Unions. Why apologize when you can just let this blow over? Festering always makes things better than an apology which

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