$100 million for a failed experiment

This article makes the case that “middle schools” have largely been a failed experiment. Certainly the Duluth Schools which adopted middle schools have never had the money they required. This has meant that our middle schools were mostly in name only. But still, our middle school teachers have lobbied so vigorously to keep our sixth graders in our junior highs that our Administration found it easier to push the $293 million Red Plan than change our grade configuration back to K-6, 7-9, 10-12.

Former Board member Tony Stauber has suggested that keeping middle schools in the Red Plan has been costly. I agree. Basically I think this Board decided to spend a hundred million dollars to keep sixth graders in our underfunded middle schools. We’ll see how the middle school course offerings fare if the levy fails. At least we will get nice shiny new schools.I

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