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Move Forward Duluth has an expensive but sad and pathetic ad on the editorial page in today’s Trib. Instead of explaining all the great things about what an operational levy will accomplish they have an evidence free argument for why the Red Plan is necessary. The add is a retread of tired arguments that have been made before and largely proven faulty.

This should not surprise anyone. The District has done its best to keep information about the Red Plan from leaking out. The Move Foward Duluth Website suggests that it will soon have information debunking all the Red Plan critics. (I’m not sure what it can do about the fellow who wrote a stinging criticism just opposite the ad saying the Superintendent’s recent bonus was a “horrendous decision.”)

We don’t know anyone who has gotten any serious information from MFD. Here’s what their “fact checker” page currently offers viewers:

The only thing worse than no information is misinformation. So here’s the correct information.

Truth in Duluth Fact Checker
More information comming soon…

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