Anticipating a 10% increase in enrollment

That’s what Dr. Earhart told the Glen Avon’s Presbyterian Men’s Club his Marshall School expected to see this fall. Even though Marshall’s tuition, at roughly $13,000, is half what a similar school in the Twin Cities would charge its a big sum for little Duluth. Marshall’s stunning growth can only be explained by the turmoil in the Duluth Public Schools. $13,000 is now the price of escaping from the Duluth Schools……for those who can afford it.

Wait until the goodies that the Duluth Teachers got for themselves during the School Board’s clueless contract negotiation kick in. (I’ll be working on that post when I can find some time in a week or two) Marshall can look ahead to a few more good years. The public school teachers will have a miserable experience but they will be well paid for it. 45 kids in an advance placement class. Sheesh!

Keep pumping up those last five earning years to boost your pensions DFT. Never mind the young sprouts following in your footsteps. The only thing that will keep them in the classroom after their idealism withers will be scar tissue.

P.S.Retirement can be a good life for a teacher.

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