The Commodore is right again

As Claudia and I sat at Valentini’s having breakfast this morning we saw one of the sailboats from the Trans Superior Race gliding into the Harbor. I called Art Johnston to see if it was him but he didn’t pick up. He may have finished the race (his third) already or may still be out of cell range on the open waters.

It looks like he came in first in his division. He may have been the only competitor in it.

Art told me recently that he is the “commodore” of the Superior Yacht Club. He’d invited me sailing on a number of occasions and I’ve kept putting him off. Its just one more of his surprising skills although navigation like engineering is pretty mathematical. And his engineering skills got another confirmation in last weeks Duluth Reader when another engineer confirmed the news in John Ramos’s column about the ignoramuses the City paid $65,000 to completely botch their analysis of our public library’s energy usage.

Sadly, I can’t link to it: The Library: Don’t take our word for it.” The Reader hasn’t put their “soap boxes” on its website.

The column is by Rick Luck who is an engineer who monitored the Library’s heating and cooling for many years. He agreed. $75,000 of City drinking water is flushed through the library every year and sent back to Lake Superior. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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