Dick Gastler – Another Denfeld superlative

I’ve been over to talk to my neighbor Dick a couple times recently. A big celebration of his life has been canceled due to a dire illness. Nonetheless, his many admirers are doing their best to honor their old teacher, colleague and mentor. This was in Sunday’s News Tribune:

If Dick hadn’t fallen ill back in 1983 I might never have gotten a third crack at teaching. (I was his long term substitute) Had it not been for folks like Dick I might have departed the Republican party a lot sooner. No one has been more fun or illuminating for me to talk to about Southern Minnesota history. Dick, unwittingly, even gave me encouragement to sing by his example………That last attribute may have been a mistake on Dick’s part.

Please send Dick your memories and best wishes: www.facebook.com/I know Dick Gastler

Or try this Facebook Page. I’m not sure what the difference between them is.

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