Reinert says School Board aduquate even if Red Plan make referndum faily and emiminate schools

Roger Reinert, who is thin skinned about the spelling of his own name shows he doesn’t much care how you spell anything else out – even the Red Plan. This is his reply to Progressive Action’s question about the Red Plan. He’ll let it stand.

“I support better and more aduquate funding of education for ISD 709 and across Minnesota. That’s the real issue at stake here. The operating levy for ISD 709 will likely faily this fall and that will mean cuts to programs and staff. It’s time we get back to a Minnesota that supports strong public education across the state, and not just in weathly districts.

I am not a fan of the Red Plan. It emiminates all the schools in the central part of town where I live. However, I do believe the school district needed to adopt some plan, and should have done so a decade ago. Local elected officials these days are having to go it alone and make very tough decisions. I respect the authority and responsibilities of all local elected officials, including School Board Members, and am not interested as a Legislator in micromanaging their authorized duties.

However, I would sponsor legislation requiring signioficant bonding comittments outside of normal operations by any local government to go to a non-binding referndum. We did this with the DECC project and the required sales tax. As A Councilor I voted for the referendum.


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