Background noise for the levy

I got this email just now from the Minnesota Taxpayer’s League. I’ve been on their mass mailing list since I contacted them about helping us stop the Red Plan. They said it was out of their jurisdiction. If they raise hell over this proposed constitutional amendment it will create very negative background noise that won’t help Duluth’s operational levy.

On November 4th you’ll be voting on whether to give another $11 billion to government via an increase in the sales tax. If you’re taxed enough and will VOTE “NO”, then join us to show the Legislature that enough is enough!

Join us at the No Constitutional Tax Increase Campaign Kickoff press conference TOMORROW, Thursday, Aug 21st at 1pm at the State Office Building in St. Paul.

Email us back if you plan on joining us. We want to see you there!

No Constitutional Tax Increase

Contact: Brad Biers
August 20, 2008
Ph: (651) 261-2182

MEDIA ADVISORYNo Constitutional Tax Increase Campaign

Kickoff Press Conference

ST. PAUL – Sen. Rod Grams, Chairman of the “No Constitutional Tax Increase” campaign, will be discussing the effort to defeat the $11 billion constitutional tax increase. Joining the Senator will be President of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota Phil Krinkie and others who oppose the initiative.

When: Thursday, Aug 21, 1:00 PM
Where: Room 181, State Office Building

I’ll probably vote for the Constitutional Amendment. I haven’t decided about the School District’s levy although I voted no on the online levy to send a message to the School Board

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