More online poll results

Not many folks seem to support the decisions of this School Board.

Its cluelessness is best demonstrated by the back-handed compliment Bevan S (an enthusiastic supporter of the School Board) gave me in today’s Trib online comment section:

“My loss [in]the election was caused by my friend Harry Welty. To his credit, he created quite a coalition of folks. He managed to bring together the 30% of Duluthians who would be against any expenditure for schools, with the 30% of Duluthians who were against the closing of Central High school, and were willing to keep it open at any cost.”

As I told a friend,

“What he’s saying is that I cleverly helped organize the vast majority of voters, 60%, to thwart the will of the minority. Well, Duh!”

By the way Bevan’s “at any cost” comment is a riot coming from a guy willing to spend $293 million to rebuild perfectly good schools.

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